Miss Elsa Svenson

Spanking & Caning in London with Miss Elsa Svenson



What I offer — I offer dis­ci­pli­nary ser­vices to mature adults, men and women, who feel the need to receive tra­di­tion­al cor­po­ral pun­ish­ment.  Ses­sions are con­duct­ed in my study, which has been care­ful­ly dec­o­rat­ed and fur­nished to pro­vide an authen­tic atmos­phere and con­tains a vault­ing horse and a leather-topped desk for use in pun­ish­ments.   Although occa­sion­al­ly a short warm-up is required, I am a firm believ­er in for­mal pun­ish­ment with the cane, tawse and strap.   I do not offer ses­sions with domes­tic themes, for exam­ple, the “strict aunt” (but can rec­om­mend ladies who do, if that is what you are look­ing for).

Appoint­ments are tai­lored to indi­vid­ual needs, whether it be a ses­sion of con­cen­trat­ed pun­ish­ment (the short, or not-so-short, sharp shock) or a ses­sion con­duct­ed at a more leisure­ly pace.   I dress for appoint­ments with casu­al ele­gance.   If you have a par­tic­u­lar dis­ci­pli­nary ses­sion in mind, for exam­ple requir­ing spe­cif­ic cloth­ing, please do dis­cuss it with me in advance (be aware that there can be sup­ple­men­tary charges for ses­sions which require sig­nif­i­cant extra prepa­ra­tion) and note that I will nev­er be undressed or semi-undressed dur­ing the ses­sion.   I do not engage in elab­o­rate pre-script­ed sce­nar­ios requir­ing me to do your bid­ding, down to the last stroke of the cane.  Some clients ask me to include an ele­ment of per­son­al train­ing in var­i­ous aspects of well-being into the ses­sion and, where I think I can be help­ful, I am hap­py to do so.

I am also a spe­cial­ist film pro­duc­er mak­ing high qual­i­ty dis­ci­pline videos for adult enthu­si­asts.   Some estab­lished clients have com­mis­sioned short bespoke films (for exam­ple of their own ses­sion) for their pri­vate use.   Please do dis­cuss this with me if it is of inter­est.

Ses­sions are con­duct­ed in an atmos­phere of mutu­al respect.   Please note I offer dis­ci­pli­nary ser­vices only and no sex­u­al activ­i­ties will take place. Although I don’t cane any­body to pulp, pun­ish­ments are giv­en seri­ous­ly. I am hap­py to pun­ish you on the bare bot­tom but don’t require full nudi­ty.

Ses­sions take place in my authen­tic school room and study at a pri­vate Vic­to­ri­an cot­tage in Gilling­ham (Med­way in Kent).  You can read more about my premis­es here The school­room

Prices (for pun­ish­ment ses­sions giv­en to a high stan­dard but with­out com­plex addi­tion­al require­ments)

Prices -

No non­sense CP ses­sions  ( Cane/Tawse/Strap — no role play no spe­cif­ic dress­ing up)

30 min­utes sharp shock (can­ing only) £ 70

60 min­utes:  £110

90 min­utes:  £140

120 min­utes: £180

Role­play ses­sion ( headmistress/Boss/Prison offi­cer etc )

60 minute £120

90 min­utes £150

120 min­utes £190

A ses­sion with two strict ladies is also pos­si­ble prices can vary and a deposit is required.

What I don’t offer -

Please note I only offer dis­ci­pline and CP to adults over the age of 20 and not any kind of per­son­al ser­vice. I will nev­er be undressed or semi-undressed dur­ing the ses­sion.

What I expect -

I expect clients to be on time — polite, clean and prop­er­ly dressed.