Miss Elsa Svenson

Spanking & Caning in London with Miss Elsa Svenson


2012 Story Competition sixth entry by Lordy!

The Miss­ing Scene


£100 for just 10 min­utes on stage echoed around my burn­ing ears. It’s just one scene with Miss Sven­son, Miss Pren­der­grast and myself. Both these demure ladies in tweed skirts, crisp starch white blous­es and silk seam stock­ings sit­ting just inch­es from me on robust stout upright vic­to­ri­an bar­ley twist chairs. My wide open eyes drawn to their mature invit­ing stern laps. I say stern as Miss Pren­der­grast slow­ly taps a black ebony evil look­ing hair­brush against the open palm of her left hand. Miss Sven­son cues into the sym­pho­ny with both firm hands at each end of a well worn school strap bring­ing in her school­marm arms a few inch­es with the strap form­ing an arc loop and then snap­ping the strap out­wards. Ohhh! such a won­der­ful love­ly excit­ing sound both hair­brush and strap elec­tri­fy­ing the air.


I had been on a vis­it to see my aunt in New Adding­ton trav­el­ling by tram this week­end. One can’t help but over­hear peo­ple talk­ing on their mobiles when you are sit­ting there watch­ing the world pass by your win­dow seat. The tweedy suit­ed lady sit­ting in front of me end­ed her call with words on the line of.…“If we don’t find a dar­ing young man by the end of this week then we will have to rethink the play and change the script to a far less enthralling encounter on that scene. Such a shame as that ten min­uets would have the audi­ence on their seats with dis­be­lief and shock at see­ing what we had in mind. Quite how the press would head­line it one can only pon­der!” Her final last words were.… ” I have tak­en the card out of the post office win­dow and will be over to see you lat­er Miss Sven­son.” ( How quaint to hear the way they were address­ing each oth­er in the con­ver­sa­tion)


As this lady stood up to leave the tram she took a card from her leather croc­o­dile hand­bag and placed it into the tram bin.

My mind was was buzz with intrigue at what was going on here. I just had to get up and secret­ly walk pass the bin slip­ping my hand in and retriev­ing the card with­out draw­ing any atten­tion to myself, at the same time walk­ing to the exit door.

This was not my des­ti­na­tion but I still got off clutch­ing my card as if I knew where I was going!! Hav­ing got off the tram at Grav­el Hill, my heart skipped a thou­sand beats as the card blew from hands along and over a high fence!! Bloody hell I thought and looked around to see the lady from the tram step­ping into a taxi, my only bless­ing was that I caught a glimpse of her stock­ing tops as she closed the door.


Maybe she saw me I don’t know but she was smil­ing my way. I ran towards the taxi rank and said to the dri­ver thru is open win­dow as he was read­ing his news­pa­per… “Fol­low that cab” With­out even look­ing up at me he uttered… ” If I’ve fuc*king heard that once I’ve fuc*king heard that a mil­lion times,“he grunt­ed as he wound up his win­dow frown­ing away in a thick cloud of cheap tobac­co haze. There was a tap on my shoul­der and on turn­ing around a very angry stern faced lady start­ed prod­ding me and began rep­ri­mand­ing me as if I was a norty school boy about to be sound­ly spanked. She was bel­low­ing about how she had seen me drop lit­ter from the tram, ogle the lady get­ting into the taxi and mak­ing fun at the oth­er taxi dri­ver!!!! Oh she real­ly laid into me with a dress­ing down end­ing with the words ” Louts like you need a damn good bare bot­tom thrash­ing young man and if I was ten years younger I would be tak­ing you over my knee right here and now!!!”  Oh my god I thought as this pic­ture now being paint­ed of me being thor­ough­ly spanked bare bot­tom next to a tram line and in pub­lic as well!!


This is just the sort of thing my strict aunt would have said faced in her same shoes came over me as I blushed at being told off.

With much zest this bat­tle-axe of a madam gave me very sharp slap across my back­side before walk­ing away; steam still pour­ing from her ears.. I could feel quite a sting begin to heat my poor bot­tom. Yes a warm glow from just one smack.  Indeed what would a long hard spank­ing with trousers and pants pulled down around my ankles been like, as I endured a bare yes bare  bot­tom spank­ing over her ample firm expe­ri­enced lap. I dare say she would be assist­ed with a trust­ed slip­per and well worn hair­brush at the very least! Anoth­er long lec­ture before mak­ing me stand in the cor­ner as she goes off to make a cup of tea before fetch­ing back a crooked han­dle cane and a thick leather strap. !!Gulp!! .…She real­ly was going to give me a jol­ly good thrash­ing!!!!


Hav­ing become quite aroused by those thoughts my mind turned to what was on that card. Smil­ing to myself my imag­i­na­tion took over as I closed my eyes and wrote my own sto­ry about two demure attrac­tive ladies from the local dra­ma soci­ety hav­ing placed a card into the local post office win­dow read­ing: £100 offered to a broad­mind­ed young man to appear in the next Penge Dra­ma play. Must be will­ing to be spanked, strapped and caned in a dra­mat­ic scene in which two very strict ladies deal with a long list of mis­de­meanours incurred as he is found out on his last day at stay­ing with his two aun­ties dur­ing the sum­mer hol­i­days. One being a for­mi­da­ble stern gov­erness and the oth­er a very strict head­mistress; well versed in good old fash­ioned timed hon­oured dis­ci­pline!!


As I stepped back onto the next tram I had a lot to explain to my real aunt in New Adding­ton with thoughts on being late for tea and maybe even sent to bed sound­ly dealt with!


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