Miss Elsa Svenson

Spanking & Caning in London with Miss Elsa Svenson





How long in advance do I have to book?

 Prefer­ably 24 hours or more in advance but occa­sion­al­ly I accept

Same day appoint­ments if you con­tact me in the morn­ing.

What is your work­ing hours?

I usu­al­ly see clients between 11 am and 7 pm on week­days and between 12 pm and 6 pm on week­ends. 

Can we chat on the phone first?

After we have exchanged some emails I will sup­ply you with a phone num­ber to con­tact me on.

Do you require a deposit?

On some occa­sions, I require a deposit.  If you have booked and can­celled sev­er­al times before, or if you want to book a ses­sion involv­ing some of my friends who have to trav­el to get here.


Are your loca­tions pri­vate?

My house is very pri­vate and there will be no one else present.

Do the neigh­bours know what you do?

I am very dis­creet and the neigh­bours don’t know what I do

Can I park near­by?

I offer pri­vate park­ing in my dri­ve­way.


Can we have a safe-word?

Yes if you wish

Are all your imple­ments safe and clean?

I always clean and dis­in­fect the imple­ments before and after ses­sions.

Can I bring my own imple­ments?


Will you draw blood?

I always try to give prop­er pun­ish­ment with­out draw­ing blood.


Will I get marks?

It depends on how severe your pun­ish­ment is and also on your own body. Some peo­ple mark eas­i­ly oth­ers not.

How long will the marks last?

 Cane or bruis­es marks may last from a few days to a few weeks,

It is hard to esti­mate exact­ly as it can vary from indi­vid­ual to indi­vid­ual.

Can you cane with­out leav­ing marks?

It is almost impos­si­ble

Dress code

Can I be stripped total­ly naked?


Can I wear ladies knick­ers?

Yes you can bring your own or bor­row from me for an extra fee or £5

Can I wear a school uni­form?

Yes, you can bring your own or bor­row blaz­er and tie from me,

I also have school skirts (only in small­er sizes), and tra­di­tion­al school knick­ers. The fee to bor­row school uni­forms is £10

Can I dress as a small child and wear dia­pers?

No, it is not part of my ser­vice

Can I wear elen­gat and pyja­mas?

Yes you can bring your own or bor­row from me for an extra fee of £5

How do you dress?

I dress casu­al­ly for basic ses­sions but will wear a pen­cil skirt and heels for role­play ses­sion.

Can you dress in leather?

No I am a dis­ci­pli­nar­i­an, not a dom­i­na­trix.

Can you wear a school gown and mor­tar­board?

Yes, I can for a role­play ses­sion but as it restricts my move­ment I pre­fer to wear it only for part of the ses­sion.

Can you wear seamed stock­ings?

On spe­cial occa­sions 

Can you wear a short skirt?

The length of my skirt is not nego­tiable 


Can we chat first?

Yes if that is what you want

Can we go straight into the role?

Yes that is what I usu­al­ly do

Can you pun­ish me for some­thing real?

Yes please email me details before the ses­sion.

Can you play my aunt?

No, I don’t offer domes­tic role play

Can you play my moth­er?

No, I don’t offer domes­tic role play

Can you play a female pro­ba­tion offi­cer?


Can you play my wife?

No, I don’t offer domes­tic role play

Is it ok if I cry?


Can you make me cry?

A tricky ques­tion, it may or may not hap­pen

Can you make me scream?

Scream­ing is not accept­able, I have neigh­bours!

Will you humil­i­ate me?

I dis­ci­pline and that is humil­i­at­ing

Can I be restrained?

I don’t have facil­i­ties to restrain

Can I be gagged?


Can I kiss your feet?


 Can we hug?

A hug at the end of the ses­sion is fine but it’s not the main event

 What if I get aroused?

I expect you to con­trol your­self, if you cant you will be sent to the bath­room to cool your­self down.

Can I mas­tur­bate?

Not in my pres­ence

Why don’t you offer a hap­py end­ing?

I am not a sex work­er