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Story Competition 2013 third entry by Thomas — Hard Lesson

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Hard Lessons by Thomas
The boy approached the door with some trep­i­da­tion. Pre­vi­ous vis­its here had always been embar­rass­ing and, more often than not, rather painful. No option but to knock.
‘Come in’.
Miss Sven­son was sit­ting at her desk as he entered the room.
‘You sent for me Head­mistress?’
‘Yes Thomas. Close the door please and take a seat. I pre­sume you know what this is all about?’
‘I think so Miss.’
‘It seems that you were dis­cov­ered yes­ter­day after­noon in a com­pro­mis­ing sit­u­a­tion behind the sci­ence block with a young lady. In fact you were in an embrace, kiss­ing her with your hands down the back of her skirt.’
The boy blushed and turned his eyes down­wards.
‘Do you have any­thing to say for your­self?’
‘Well Miss, I thought she was very pret­ty ever since she arrived at the school and had a bit of a crush on her but didn’t think she had even noticed me. Yes­ter­day I was get­ting ready to go home and, on my way out, I ran into her in the cor­ri­dor. I was real­ly sur­prised when she smiled at me and called out “James. Have you got a minute? I would like to show you some­thing.” She even knew my name and of course I wasn’t going to turn her down. So I agreed to fol­low her. She was wear­ing a very short skirt and high heels and I just couldn’t take my eyes off her, the way she walked.’
‘Yes Thomas. Just get on with it,’ said Miss Sven­son rather irri­ta­bly.
‘When we had passed the sci­ence block she stopped and turned around beck­on­ing me to come clos­er. As I caught up with her she flung her arms round my neck and began kiss­ing me – you know tongue inside my mouth and every­thing. I just lost con­trol of myself and grabbed her. And then the Geog­ra­phy teacher came round the cor­ner.’
‘So it was the girl who insti­gat­ed the inci­dent?’
‘Yes Miss.’
The Head­mistress pressed the inter­com buzzer on her desk.
‘Miss Evans. Would you step into my office for a minute please?’
Moments lat­er there was a knock at the door and a young woman entered.
‘Ah Miss Evans. I have just heard some dis­turb­ing news and would like your clar­i­fi­ca­tion. Thomas here tells me that you were respon­si­ble for the unfor­tu­nate inci­dent yes­ter­day after­noon. I would like to know if that is in fact the case.’
‘Yes Miss Sven­son. I admit that I led James on, per­haps a bit too much in the cir­cum­stances.’
‘Very well.’
The Head­mistress turned again to the boy, smil­ing a lit­tle wist­ful­ly.
‘Thomas. I under­stand that at your age, what is it, fif­teen com­ing on six­teen, your hor­mones are begin­ning to run riot. I also see that Miss Evans is a very attrac­tive girl. So in one sense I can­not blame you for react­ing in the way you did. How­ev­er, there are impor­tant things you have to learn. First of all, what­ev­er your feel­ings, I can­not have these dis­plays on school grounds. Sec­ond­ly you will in lat­er life have to learn self con­trol. There are many times as an adult when your emo­tions draw you to behave in a cer­tain way but cir­cum­stances demand that you act oth­er­wise. So I am afraid I will have to pun­ish you severe­ly in order that you under­stand school rules and self dis­ci­pline. Is that clear?’
The boy looked at her sheep­ish­ly.
‘Yes Miss, very clear Miss.’
‘Well you have been here before haven’t you?’
The boy nod­ded his head gloomi­ly.
‘Pre­pare your­self then and we will get start­ed.’
Thomas got up from his chair and moved towards the Head­mistress’ desk. He unbuck­led his belt and let his trousers drop around his ankles, then low­ered his under­pants, hitched up his shirt tail and leant for­ward over the desk, reach­ing for the far edge which he gripped tight­ly. Mean­while Miss Sven­son went to her cup­board and select­ed a thick but flex­i­ble cane which she flour­ished exper­i­men­tal­ly in the air.
Miss Evans looked alarmed.
‘I real­ly think I should leave now Miss Sven­son.’
‘Not at all. I require you to wit­ness this pun­ish­ment. Please sit down in Thomas’ place.’
Meek­ly the young woman did as she was told.
‘This, Miss Evans, is known as a senior cane with which I am going to beat your young friend’, the Head­mistress con­tin­ued. ‘It caus­es sear­ing pain upon imme­di­ate impact but the recip­i­ent also suf­fers longer term dam­age as you will soon see. Are you ready Thomas?’
‘Yes Miss. How many strokes please Miss?’
‘That is for me to decide and for you to know when your pun­ish­ment is over. And remem­ber, you are not to move from that posi­tion until I say so.’
‘Very well Miss.’
Anoth­er tri­al swish of the cane after which she swung her arm back high over her head and then lashed down with the first blow. Almost imme­di­ate­ly an angry red weal devel­oped where the cane had land­ed. After a short pause came the sec­ond stroke, this time a lit­tle high­er to sim­i­lar effect. A fur­ther four blows land­ed before the Head­mistress changed posi­tion and then con­tin­ued with anoth­er six from the oth­er side.
‘Stand up and put your hands on your head.’
Miss Evans watched in hor­ri­fied fas­ci­na­tion. Despite the sever­i­ty of the blows, the boy had bare­ly flinched. She observed the pat­tern of par­al­lel red slash­es across his bot­tom and was sur­prised to expe­ri­ence a cer­tain feel­ing of aes­thet­ic sat­is­fac­tion.
Miss Sven­son then spoke.
‘Do you under­stand why you are being pun­ished?’
‘I think so Miss.’
‘In case you are in any doubt, you have been caned for inap­pro­pri­ate behav­iour in school grounds and I will enter this jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for a dozen strokes in the pun­ish­ment book. Do you have any­thing to say?’
‘Thank you for can­ing me on my bare bot­tom for inap­pro­pri­ate behav­iour in school grounds Miss.’
‘I am glad to hear that you under­stand the cor­rect pro­ce­dure Thomas. Oth­er­wise we would of course have to begin again.’
‘Yes Miss’.
‘Back down now.’
‘Please Miss, but I have already been pun­ished.….’
‘Back down boy!’
‘Yes Miss.’ And he stretched him­self back over the desk.
There fol­lowed a repeat of the first twelve which, if any­thing, Miss Evans judged to be even hard­er than the first. Again six were deliv­ered from the right and six from the left and at the end the livid red stripes were already begin­ning to merge into a large pur­ple area of bruised flesh.
‘Stand up and hands on head.’
Thomas did as he was told.
‘Do you under­stand why I con­tin­ued your pun­ish­ment?’
‘Not real­ly Miss, sor­ry Miss,’ the boy stam­mered.
‘The sec­ond dozen were to remind you not to lose your self con­trol.’
‘Thank you for can­ing me on my bare bot­tom for los­ing my self con­trol Miss.’
‘Very well Thomas, you may get dressed.’
The boy very gin­ger­ly eased his under­pants back on, pulled up his trousers and did up his belt.
‘Will that be all then Miss?’
‘Yes Thomas. That is all for now. I hope you will remem­ber these two lessons and that there­fore I will not see you back here in the near future. You may go now’
‘Yes Miss and thank you Miss.’
The two of them shook hands for­mal­ly and the boy shuf­fled out rather stiffly. After he had closed the door Miss Sven­son replaced the cane in the cup­board and returned to her desk.
‘You see Miss Evans the dis­com­fort that boy has suf­fered. The deep bruis­ing will last for up to a week and he will find sit­ting down very uncom­fort­able. He will not for­get this in a hur­ry and unfor­tu­nate­ly may well asso­ciate you with his pain. I hope now that you realise what you have done.’
‘I cer­tain­ly meant no harm Miss Sven­son, but I do under­stand what you are say­ing and am very sor­ry.’
‘Would you please stand up Miss Evans.’
The girl did as she was asked and stood awk­ward­ly beside the high backed chair in front of the Head­mistress’ desk. Miss Sven­son looked her up and down.
‘That mini-dress you are wear­ing is quite unsuit­able for a school envi­ron­ment, par­tic­u­lar­ly where there are teenage boys’ she observed.
‘I under­stand Head­mistress. I will be more cir­cum­spect in future but may I go now?’
‘You cer­tain­ly may not my girl. We still have to dis­cuss your part in this affair. Now, cor­rect me if I am wrong. When you applied for this job, you under­stood that it was a tem­po­rary posi­tion for six months while my reg­u­lar sec­re­tary was on mater­ni­ty leave?’
‘Yes, that is cor­rect.’
‘Well, tem­po­rary or not, I am afraid your behav­iour clear­ly con­sti­tutes gross mis­con­duct which nor­mal­ly would result in auto­mat­ic and imme­di­ate dis­missal.
‘But Miss Sven­son, please.…..
The Head­mistress held up her hand to sti­fle the protest.
‘Hear me out girl. I am not an unrea­son­able woman. All our par­ents and most of the pupils realise that I run a strict regime at the school, but that I aim to be scrupu­lous­ly fair. That means that what­ev­er pun­ish­ment I mete out is intend­ed to fit the mis­de­meanour. So to con­tin­ue with your case. You told me at your inter­view that you need­ed to work for these six months to save some mon­ey and that then you intend­ed to go to Col­lege to study with a view to qual­i­fy­ing as a teacher your­self.’
‘Yes Head­mistress.’
‘Whether or not I think you would even­tu­al­ly make a good teacher is not impor­tant, but I cer­tain­ly approve your ambi­tion. I there­fore am pre­pared to offer you an alter­na­tive to being sacked. If you are pre­pared to receive a good spank­ing from me, I will over­look the mat­ter. What do you say?’
The girl looked some­what appre­hen­sive and bit her low­er lip.
‘Is that the only oth­er way Head­mistress?’
‘I am afraid so and I need your answer now.’
‘Very well.’
Miss Sven­son rose from behind her desk and seat­ed her­self on the chair beside the girl. She pat­ted her lap.
‘Over here please Miss Evans,’ she com­mand­ed in a stern voice.
Oblig­ing­ly the girl bent over the Head­mistress’ knees, her mini-dress rid­ing up to reveal round­ed cheeks pro­tect­ed only by a pair of flim­sy briefs.
Miss Sven­son set to work straight away with the open palm of her hand. The girl had been smacked by her moth­er when she was lit­tle if she had been naughty but it was always over in sec­onds and fol­lowed by hug and a kiss. This was very dif­fer­ent.
Relent­less­ly the hand came down spread­ing the blows around the exposed flesh which rapid­ly turned pink and then grad­u­al­ly crim­son. And the sting­ing sen­sa­tion was so much more intense than she had expect­ed. She tried to wrig­gle and squirm but Miss Svenson’s free hand in the small of her back held her firm­ly in posi­tion. She gave up the strug­gle and began to sob qui­et­ly.
She lost count of how many blows she had felt but it must have been more than fifty when sud­den­ly the onslaught ceased.
‘You may get up now,’ came that voice again.
She strug­gled to her feet and rubbed her­self vig­or­ous­ly in an attempt to ease the pain.
Miss Sven­son got to her feet.
‘So do you under­stand why you have been spanked?’
‘Yes Head­mistress. For inap­pro­pri­ate behav­iour on school grounds.’
Miss Sven­son allowed her­self a small smile.
‘Oh no, Miss Evans. You have been pun­ished so far for wear­ing unsuit­able cloth­ing to school. We will now deal with your behav­iour.’
The sec­re­tary was aghast and for a moment unable to speak.

For that I think we should have you expe­ri­ence a lit­tle of what you caused your lit­tle friend to suf­fer a few min­utes ago.’
She now had to blurt out ‘not that hor­ri­ble cane, please Miss!’
‘No Miss Evans. I very rarely use the senior cane on the girls. And I promised you a good spank­ing you will remem­ber. Can­ing is some­thing dif­fer­ent. Spank­ing can either be by hand or with some oth­er flat and usu­al­ly flex­i­ble imple­ment like a slip­per for instance.’
Miss Sven­son walked back to her cup­board and select­ed a heavy leather strap which she test­ed with a gen­tle tap on the palm of her own hand.
‘I think this will do very nice­ly. Now Miss Evans, would you kind­ly assume the posi­tion which you have recent­ly had demon­strat­ed. And please low­er those panties and ensure the back of your skirt is lift­ed. I want to be quite sure of my aim.’
The sec­re­tary knew she had to com­ply and, with a hor­ri­fied look on her face, sprawled across the desk as she had been told. She also took the pre­cau­tion of grasp­ing the far edge.
Miss Sven­son moved towards her men­ac­ing­ly.
‘Are you ready for your pun­ish­ment?’
‘Not real­ly Miss.…I mean please don’t hurt me any more. I am real­ly sor­ry for what I did.’
‘Not as sor­ry as you will be when we have fin­ished. Now pre­pare your­self.’
The first slap caused the girl to jerk upright and reach behind her with both hands in a vain attempt to pro­tect her­self.
‘As I omit­ted to warn you to stay still, I will not begin again. Get back down and count out the strokes.’
The girl slumped for­ward and resigned­ly breathed out the word ‘One’.
There fol­lowed a fur­ther five from the right before The Head­mistress changed sides. After each the girl count­ed as instruct­ed, her voice becom­ing ever weak­er. ‘Sev­en, eight, nine ow! Ten, eleven, ahhhh.….……twelve. Where before she had felt an intense sting­ing, now she was very sore and felt that her skin was on fire.
‘That com­pletes your pun­ish­ment Miss Evans. You may stand up and get dressed.
The girl straight­ened up, rubbed her­self gen­tly, retrieved her under­wear and very gin­ger­ly smoothed down the back of her dress.
‘In the same way as young Thomas will not for­get his can­ing today I think you will remem­ber this expe­ri­ence for some time Miss Evans. I hope you have learned your les­son. The pun­ish­ment should always fit the crime.’
And indeed Miss Evans did remem­ber. Many years lat­er as a Head­teacher in a school of her own she recog­nised the impor­tance of strict dis­ci­pline and applied it very much in the way she had learned in Miss Svenson’s study that day.

A New Website

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Here is a new web­site set up by my friend Judy.
Well its main­ly Judy but I am help­ing her a bit.
Please take the time and check it out.


Story Competition 2013 second entry by Patrick — James

Friday, June 28th, 2013

By Patrick

He knew what they were as soon as he saw them. He’d moved the stuff on hang­ers in the bed­room wardrobe to one side, and caught sight of them at the back of the wardrobe, stood on their ends. One was bright yel­low and thick, the oth­er dark brown and thin, and although they did not have the clas­sic crooked han­dle, he knew imme­di­ate­ly that that they were pun­ish­ment canes. He stared at them uncom­pre­hend­ing­ly, his brain refus­ing to accept the evi­dence from his eyes.
‘Ah, I see you’ve dis­cov­ered my new toys.’
He spun around to see his wife stood in the bed­room door­way. She was still in her uni­form and look­ing at him with a neu­tral gaze. James imme­di­ate­ly knew he’d walked into a trap.
‘I got them from the evi­dence store,’ she con­tin­ued, ‘Vice squad gets a lot of this stuff from raids and it usu­al­ly gets destroyed after con­vic­tions, but the evi­dence cus­tody clerk will gen­er­al­ly sign off stuff to me to be destroyed.
‘I knew some­thing was up, of course. When you start­ed wear­ing pyja­mas after that last busi­ness trip….well, James, you’ve nev­er worn pyja­mas. And stay­ing up late, so you could go to bed lat­er than me and get up ear­li­er? Not like you at all… you’re intol­er­a­ble if you don’t get your sol­id 8 hours.’
‘Then I came into the bath­room last week when you were hav­ing a show­er and I saw the marks on your bot­tom – pret­ty sav­age, they looked like.’
James’ mouth was sud­den­ly very dry.
‘Pret­ty sim­ple after that, real­ly. You know that you can’t move a car in Lon­don with­out it being tracked by CCTV, and they all have ANPR, so check­ing the records found out the area where you went and after that it was just a ques­tion of a bit of basic leg­work.’
‘Yes,’ said James, ’some­times I do go through town — makes a change from the M25’.
‘I see,’ she mused qui­et­ly. ‘And it must have been a hell of a traf­fic jam to keep you in North Lon­don for an hour and a half. Did you vis­it Miss Sven­son?’
Oh shit, he thought. She knew it all. How on earth did he think he could fool her? She was a Detec­tive Chief Super­in­ten­dent in the Met for Christ’s sake, and she had more smarts on her worst day than he could muster when he was on the top of his game. Well, that was it. Game over. He’d be check­ing into a hotel tonight and she would be phon­ing a divorce lawyer. Pene­lope did not mess around.
James thought of what he could say — what inno­cent expla­na­tion he could offer for the delay. Noth­ing remote­ly plau­si­ble came to him, so in the end, he gave up and said noth­ing.
‘So, what’s this then, sex with two women?’ she asked in a voice that was almost con­ver­sa­tion­al.
Now she was giv­ing him the laser stare. The one that the sus­pects got in the inter­view, when she’d seized on the one dis­crep­an­cy in their sto­ry that they couldn’t explain. And he saw some­thing else, not just the anger in those eyes, but the hurt beneath the anger.
‘No’, he said mis­er­ably,’ noth­ing like that, just watch­ing Miss Sven­son spank­ing her sec­re­tary.’
She con­tin­ued to stare at him for what seemed like an eter­ni­ty, say­ing noth­ing, and he knew it was des­per­ate­ly impor­tant that he held her stare, and not drop his eyes. She was watch­ing him for the clues; his eyes flick­ing up to the left, the moist­en­ing of the lips, the swal­low­ing, any of the hun­dreds of invol­un­tary indi­ca­tors of a lie. Final­ly, she took a breath.
OK, I believe you,’ she said.
She reached past him into the wardrobe and picked up the yel­low cane, held it in both hands and flexed it into a gen­tle curve. She faced him.
‘Lis­ten care­ful­ly James, because a great deal depends on you get­ting this right.’
‘You will not see Miss Sven­son again. Ever. At all. No excep­tions. Nei­ther will you email, text, phone or con­tact her by any oth­er method. Is there any part of this instruc­tion that is, in any way, unclear?’
James did not trust him­self to do any­thing oth­er than shake his head once.
‘I blame myself for this,’ she mused, almost absent-mind­ed­ly. ‘I should have been more atten­tive to what you need­ed from this mar­riage. Well, the sit­u­a­tion is not irre­triev­able, and I do intend to recov­er it.’
‘The fact is that you are an addict. Not drugs, not alco­hol, not gam­bling, but addict­ed to phys­i­cal pain. Noth­ing wrong with that, for­tu­nate­ly it’s not yet ille­gal. How­ev­er James, and this is the deal, you are chang­ing your sup­pli­er. Do you under­stand me?’
James looked at her. Dressed as she was, in her uni­form, flex­ing the cane, Pen­ny looked every inch the stern dis­ci­pli­nar­i­an, beau­ti­ful, awe­some, unbe­liev­ably sexy and con­fi­dent in her pow­er. Oh yes, he under­stood, and a small voice inside told him that it might, just might be alright after all.
She held the cane out to him han­dle first.
‘Now, kind­ly put this away and remem­ber where you put it — you will need it lat­er. Abi is on a sleep­over tonight and Tom is going to foot­ball prac­tice, so we will have the house to our­selves. That will be a good time for you to meet your new sup­pli­er, and to learn a few rules.’ She smiled at him, and just for a moment, he won­dered if the sin­gle hotel room might have been the bet­ter option.
As she left the bed­room she allowed her­self a small inward smile. That went well, she thought.
Because, she had not seen any marks, nor had she tracked James’ car. She didn’t need to. She had found a clue, and then used what her first sergeant had described as ‘a damn good copper’s nose’ to fig­ure out what was going on.
A fort­night ago, she had bor­rowed James’s lap­top rather than use hers. The lay­ers of encryp­tion soft­ware made her machine inter­minably slow and she only need­ed to print a doc­u­ment. She didn’t need to vis­it the inter­net but the brows­er start­ed auto­mat­i­cal­ly…. and it had help­ful­ly asked her if she would like to vis­it the last, fre­quent­ly used site – Lon­don Spank­ing Ser­vice. Unable to pre­vent her­self snoop­ing on her hus­band, she fol­lowed the advice and acquaint­ed her­self with what her James had been vis­it­ing.
After 10 min­utes, she erased her brows­ing his­to­ry, slow­ly closed the lap­top and sat think­ing. She had con­clud­ed that Miss Sven­son posed a con­sid­er­able, if indi­rect threat to her mar­riage and, like the alpha female that she was Pen­ny for­mu­lat­ed a plan to ruth­less­ly erad­i­cate that threat.
James had accept­ed her sto­ry of where she had got the canes from. If he hadn’t been on the back foot he would have seen through that straight away. Get them from the evi­dence store? That would have been pro­fes­sion­al sui­cide for her. The sto­ry would have been around the force in 24 hours. Worse, it could have dis­ap­peared, only to find its way into the tabloid press if and when she was poised to be appoint­ed as London’s first female police com­mis­sion­er, as she ful­ly intend­ed to be. It was far eas­i­er and much less risky to buy them off eBay.
Also, James’ car could not have been tracked – although the tech­nol­o­gy exist­ed, the bud­get didn’t. And in any case, it would only have told her the area that he went to, not which house.
But she had enough clues and had worked it out. She even sent James to the wardrobe when he asked her where his for­mal din­ner shirt was, so he would dis­cov­er the canes. That way she would know when the con­fronta­tion would be, and she would there­fore always be in con­trol — inter­view­ing tech­niques 101, real­ly. After that it was just a case of putting her hypoth­e­sis to him and watch­ing his reac­tion.
His only poten­tial escape was when she asked him if there had been any sex involved. She was pre­pared for him to deny every­thing at this point and to say that he had just been surf­ing porn
and actu­al­ly hadn’t vis­it­ed Miss Sven­son. That was why she had watched him so close­ly. She had to be able to tell if he lied. But he’d con­fessed, so it was easy.
Pen­ny was sat­is­fied. She had moved their rela­tion­ship on more eas­i­ly than she thought it would be, and Miss Sven­son was, she judged, no longer a fac­tor to be con­sid­ered. Pen­ny would beat James, and then make love to him. Elsa would just cane him. It was no con­test.
Lat­er, after the first of what would be many mutu­al­ly sat­is­fy­ing ses­sions, Pen­ny would tell him her news, the rea­son why she was in uni­form today, instead of her more usu­al busi­ness suit…that her pro­mo­tion to Com­man­der had been announced, and she had been at the press con­fer­ence to be intro­duced as the next head of the Met Police Anti-Ter­ror­ism Unit.
She mused on what her new boss had said to her that morn­ing.
‘Don’t have any explo­sions, do get a few fun­da­men­tal­ists in the dock at Wool­wich Crown Court and for fuck’s sake don’t have anoth­er Jean Charles de Menezes. Do that and the ADC’s job will be in the bag, because both the Com­mis­sion­er and the May­or like you.
Yes, every­thing was going very nice­ly indeed.

Story Competition 2013 First entry by Rene — CORRECTION OF NEGLIGENCE

Friday, June 28th, 2013

By French Stu­dent Rene

Mm Sven­son, our chief o school and her best friend, Mme Pre­gen­dast decide to teach me to be stronger to be able to receive an hard whip­ping and not cry­ing.

They explain me the neces­si­ty of this les­son, I was ok (for me it is very impor­tant to agree what Mme Sven­son ask)

So, excep­tion­al­ly, Mme Sven­son will receive me in her own house, with Mme Pre­gen­dast, that accept to trav­el an hour( she is leav­ing in the oppo­site site of Lon­don) only to teach me .

The ses­sion was fixed on Thurs­day at 11.00 A.M in the house of Mme Sven­son.

But the night before, between Wednes­day and Thurs­day, at mid­night I find in my box mails an email that call me urgent­ly to Bor­deaux in France for Thurs­day after­noon. The mais said that if I can’t be there I have to all them.

It was too late, I have no choice, I have to trav­el by Eurostar in the morn­ing to PARIS and then by TGV to be on time in Bor­deaux, in he after­noon.

I can’t call to Mme Sven­son at mid­night, so in the morn­ing at Pan­creas sta­tion, I sent her an SMS to inform that I‘ll not be on the les­son, and I ask her to inform Mme Pre­gen­dast so that she didn’t trav­el unnec­es­sar­i­ly so far.

Lat­er I called her to be sure that se received the mes­sage and she had time to inform Mme Pre­gen­dast, she said me hat it is ok, and that she under­stand me.

But I did not feel good with all that, I thought that that I need to be pun­ished for all the dis­turb I caused.

Final­ly I dis­turb all the morn­ing of 2 women with my prob­lems.

Mme Pre­gen­dast explains to Mme Sven­son that I have to repair this mis­take, the next ses­sion will dur­ing not an hour as she thought before, but 3 hours.

I have to sup­port their spank­ing o the knees, their can­ing and their spe­cial bull­whip.
Mme Sven­son ask me if I am able to receive that, I said: “ok”

Te ses­sion was fixed on the next Thurs­day at 11.00 .AM as the last time.

I was very anx­ious, I knew that the ses­sion will be very painful, but I was also hap­py to receive a pos­si­bil­i­ty to repair my mis­take and also to be again under the author­i­ty of my mar­velous teach­ers.
I went before the time to be sur not to be late but I did not call.

I was wait­ing on 11.00 A.M

Mme Sven­son saw me by the win­dow and phoned me to go in

She was inside beau­ti­ful wit her long dark skirt , Mme Pre­gen­dast also was here , beau­ti­ful. They ask me to seat between them, they explain me that they expect I ll be to strong to receive the hard les­son but that they help me.

They served me a cup of tea and a lit­tle glass of whisky.

Mme Pre­gen­dast asked me, René , what do you think about my belt, I answered it is very beau­ti­full on You.
She said me;” you”ll taste it. I am an expert of hard belt whip­ping”

And Mme Sven­son said me: ”René, for you I bought a very beau­ti­ful bull­whip, You’ll taste it also”

René, we’ll leave on your back­side and your ass our beau­ti­ful marks, are you ok with that?
You know that I don’t make any­thing with­out your ok?”
Now, if you are ok, yu have to sign this and after that no return, ok?”

Mme Pre­gen­dast take me at the table and ask me to write that:”I’m ok with all that decide .Mme Sven­son and, Mme Pre­gen­dast and that I can’t attack them in jus­tice about what we decide togeth­er”

The cor­rec­tion begins. They decide that, Mme Pre­gen­dast has to begin because she was the first con­traries by my fault

She take me strong­ly o her knees, in the sofa. Now René You will receive the first hand puni­tion, ten min­utes of spank­ing; that begin slow­ly but after 5 min­utes my ass was burn­ing.

The first spank­ing was with my trousers.

Mme Sven­son ask me to put down my trousers ; I was till on the knees of Mme Pre­gen­dast but they spank togeth­er, I though I can’t receive more.

But I did not say any­thing I was afraid to speak.

Mme Sven­son said to Mme Pre­gen­dast we have 3 hours to cor­rect our stu­dent.

René to keep courage and force , i3ll serve you a cup of tea and anoth­er glas of whisky.
I said:” thank You” and they drink with me

After that, Mme Pre­gen­dast said,:”now we begin the belt whip­ping pun­ish­ment, Mme Sven­son begin now.”

Mme Pre­gen­dast gave her, her per­son­nal belt and said;” You begin, I have to fin­ish”
Mme Sven­son said:” I pun­ish the ass and Mme Pre­gen­dast said I pun­ished and mark the back­side”

After the spank­ing my ass was red but now after the 25 lash­es of Mme Sven­son my ass was bloody

Mme Pre­gen­dast said:” now you’ll under­stand why I am called the mis­tress of the belt”
She lashed me very strong­ly 25 on my back­side? Mme Sven­son took strong­ly my arms .
It was very hard I asked a lit­tle pause.

Mme Sven­son decides, René received the pun­ish­ment very hard we can give him a lit­tle pause.
They as me again to seat between them in the sofa and then they count the marks on my ass and my back­side

They put me in front of the mir­ror and I have to say if this mark is from Mme Sven­son or Mme Pre­gen­dast

Mme Pre­gen­dast said:” René; we are very proud of you we don’t give the can­ing but we have to use the spe­cial bull­whip of Mme Sven­son; Are you ok?”

Now, we have to attach you for you own secu­ri­ty, if you are mov­ing, the bull­whip can be very dan­ger­ous, but you are so brave that we decide to give you only ten lash­es, each one.
The bull­whip cut my ass and my back­side, after that they said:” now you are our own stu­dent, we are very proud for you!”
Then, they decid­ed to apply myself a care cream on the back, I was again on their knees but now they took care of me.
Thank You Mme Sven­son and Mme Pegen­dast

Miss Svenson spanking the naughty secretary.….

Monday, June 17th, 2013

She came over the oth­er day and we made a lit­tle video…

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Penge Penal Institute, 5 May

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Penge Penal Insti­tute, 5 May, 11 am

Mr Jim Black, 57, jan­i­tor at the Insti­tute, flogged in front of his col­leagues after being found guilty of gross mis­con­duct by a spe­cial­ly sum­moned tri­bunal. Mr Black had worked at the Insti­tute for twen­ty-five years, and had an exem­plary record, the tri­bunal heard; so the out­burst in which he referred to SCO Rod­well and DCO Pren­der­gast as ‘sil­ly cows who have become too big for their boots’ was out of char­ac­ter. But it was the unan­i­mous view of the tri­bunal that such deroga­to­ry remarks could not be allowed to go unpun­ished. Mr Black was sen­tenced to a 36-stroke can­ing, the strokes to be admin­is­tered on his bare bot­tom, at 30-sec­ond inter­vals, by the col­leagues he had offend­ed. SCO Rod­well and DCO Pren­der­gast dis­charged their duties accord­ing­ly. At the insis­tence of the tri­bunal, the pun­ish­ment was wit­nessed by all ten staff mem­bers at the Insti­tute.


Star pupil ends up with low marks

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

A sto­ry by Thomas

It was the last week of term and, in the main hall, after morn­ing assem­bly, the mem­bers of Class IVB were wait­ing with more or less appre­hen­sion for their turn in Miss Svenson’s study for an indi­vid­ual pupil review. This was a rou­tine estab­lished by the Head­mistress when she first came to the school some five years before and the I.P.R. had now become a reg­u­lar tra­di­tion. Each child had to have a short inter­view with the Head in the pres­ence of their form teacher to assess their progress dur­ing the pre­vi­ous term in aca­d­e­m­ic and oth­er school activ­i­ties and gen­er­al behav­iour. Some of the four­teen and fif­teen year old young­sters had come to call it “Judg­ment Day” and oth­ers, more irrev­er­ent­ly, “The Con­fes­sion­al”.
In her room the Head­mistress checked her diary for any oth­er urgent busi­ness and, see­ing that there was none list­ed, went to a cor­ner cup­board from which she select­ed a fierce look­ing straight cane. After test­ing its flex­i­bil­i­ty with a flour­ish in the air, she laid it gen­tly on her desk, like an auctioneer’s gav­el, a sym­bol of author­i­ty and con­trol.

At 9.15 pre­cise­ly Miss Pren­der­gast sum­moned Melanie Bark­er, the first in alpha­bet­i­cal order, and instruct­ed the oth­ers to fol­low as their names were called, and in the mean time to sit qui­et­ly. Melanie knocked at the study door and entered to find the Head­mistress sit­ting behind her desk in front of which was a straight backed chair. Miss Pren­der­gast stood to one side.

Sit down Bark­er,’ said Miss Sven­son gen­tly, indi­cat­ing the chair. ‘Now tell me, how have you been get­ting on this term?’
‘Fine I think,’ the lit­tle girl replied a lit­tle ner­vous­ly as she took her place on the chair and glanced at the Class teacher.
‘Melanie is an ide­al pupil,’ Miss Pren­der­gast vol­un­teered imme­di­ate­ly. ‘She works hard and does as well as she can in all her class­es although she is not among the top achiev­ers. But she tries and her behav­iour can­not be fault­ed. Also she plays the flute most beau­ti­ful­ly.’
‘That seems most sat­is­fac­to­ry Bark­er,’ said the Head­mistress with a kind smile. ‘Now is there any­thing more I can do for you?’
‘No, noth­ing thank you Miss,’ the girl replied again shift­ing her eyes towards Miss Pren­der­gast, who gave the slight­est nod of assent.
‘Very well Bark­er, you may go — and have a good hol­i­day won’t you,’ said Miss Sven­son to the depart­ing pupil.

Delight­ful child,’ remarked the Head­mistress as the door closed. ‘Let us hope that the rest of your class live up to her exam­ple.’
‘They’re not a bad lot all in all,’ replied Miss Pren­der­gast enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly, ‘but per­haps not all quite as well-behaved as Melanie.’
The next through the door was a freck­le faced cheer­ful look­ing boy named Joseph Carter who was also invit­ed to sit down.
‘Miss Pren­der­gast?’ The senior teacher looked straight away at the teacher for her com­ments.
‘Joe is a rather live­ly boy, good at his sci­ence sub­jects but rather weak in most of the oth­ers at which he should work hard­er. He is pop­u­lar with the oth­er boys and plays in the foot­ball team.’
‘So Carter, would you agree with your teacher? And do you have any­thing to ask me?’
The boy paused for a moment, then respond­ed.

I think it was very fair Miss. So just the two please.’

Miss Sven­son glanced at her col­league and, observ­ing no dis­sent, stood up and took hold of the cane.
‘Very well. Get your­self ready.’

Joe Carter also stood and moved behind the chair, then bent for­ward over its back plac­ing his hands flat on the seat.
‘By your own admis­sion, you have engaged in a cer­tain amount of minor mis­chief dur­ing the term which has gone unno­ticed or unpun­ished. As a result you have vol­un­teered to receive two strokes of the cane after which the school will con­sid­er the mat­ter over and done with. That is, of course, unless we sub­se­quent­ly dis­cov­er some­thing more seri­ous in which case you know the pun­ish­ment could be rather severe. Do you agree?’
‘Yes Miss. Thank you Miss,’ replied the boy from his sub­mis­sive posi­tion.

Two sharp cracks of the cane swished down across the boy’s shorts caus­ing him to suck in air through his clenched teeth. How­ev­er, Miss Pren­der­gast noticed that the Head­mistress was hold­ing the cane about a quar­ter of the way down, slight­ly reduc­ing the sever­i­ty of the blows.
Jo stood up and rubbed him­self rue­ful­ly. Then the cheer­ful smile returned as he said ‘Thank you Miss. Will that be all?’
‘That’s alright Carter. You may go now. Well done – and enjoy your hol­i­days.’

Miss Sven­son gave the boy a dis­mis­sive but good humoured wave as he let him­self out of the room.
And so they con­tin­ued down the list, about half of the boys and few­er of the girls opt­ing for the “Two” which were deliv­ered by Miss Sven­son in accor­dance with her own judg­ment of each of the pupils. The ratio­nale was to leave with a clean slate at the end of the term with lit­tle fear of lat­er recrim­i­na­tion.

The best behaved were able to avoid any pun­ish­ment pro­vid­ed both teach­ers agreed. Every entrant to the school had received two of the cane at their ini­ti­a­tion to the I.P.R. sys­tem. These were very much token strokes though and deliv­ered with­out any real force. They served to give the child a gen­tle taste of what they might expect if they lat­er mis­be­haved and remind­ed them that cor­po­ral pun­ish­ment was not only avail­able, but would be used in the event of sig­nif­i­cant mis­deeds.
When Mar­tin Kel­ly came in, Miss Pren­der­gast gave the Head­mistress a mean­ing­ful frown. Mar­tin was a big and boy, already taller than Miss Sven­son and looked a lit­tle clum­sy when perched on the class­room chair.
‘So, Miss Pren­der­gast, who do we have here?’

Mar­tin is cap­tain of the foot­ball team but strug­gles with his lessons. I think he could try hard­er aca­d­e­m­i­cal­ly. Per­haps sport dom­i­nates his thoughts a lit­tle too much. He is also rather force­ful in the play­ground and I am afraid some of the small­er boys seem a lit­tle afraid of him.’
The Head­mistress turned to the boy. ‘So you are a bul­ly, are you Kel­ly?’

No Miss. I mean.…I just expect the lit­tle kids to do what I tell them, see?’

Well, I can­not agree with that. You should under­stand that pupils have no author­i­ty here. It is the staff who must be obeyed. Any­way boy, after what your teacher has said, tell me what you expect from me.’
‘Maybe twoooo.…errr…’ the boy hes­i­tat­ed and looked across to Miss Pren­der­gast who was shak­ing her head.
‘Bet­ter make it four for me then Miss.’

A very wise choice I think Kel­ly,’ replied Miss Sven­son as she again reached for her cane.
‘You know the form I believe. Trousers down and over the back of the chair please. I sug­gest you grip the seat as well. You will be feel­ing these.’
Gri­mac­ing slight­ly the big boy com­plied. Because of his size, he was one of the few allowed to wear long trousers and con­se­quent­ly looked par­tic­u­lar­ly ridicu­lous draped over the chair with them around his ankles. The teach­ers were, how­ev­er, not unhap­py that he should feel addi­tion­al­ly humil­i­at­ed in this way.

Miss Sven­son took up her posi­tion and set to her task, this time using the full length of the cane. Four remark­ably vig­or­ous strokes fol­lowed, crash­ing across the seat of the boy’s under­pants, each care­ful­ly timed to allow the hurt to sink in thor­ough­ly before the next impact, and caus­ing a grunt of pain after the sec­ond and a sti­fled yell of sur­prise at the sever­i­ty of the last.
‘You may stand up now,’ said the Head­mistress. ‘Do you have any­thing to say?’

Mar­tin was strug­gling to recov­er his trousers.

No Miss, I mean yes Miss, thank you Miss.’

In which case you may go, but remem­ber, I will not accept any bul­ly­ing in this school.’
After Kel­ly had closed the door behind him, Miss Sven­son turned imme­di­ate­ly to Miss Pren­der­gast to ask ‘do you think I was too harsh?’
‘No Head­mistress. You were quite right to pun­ish that boy. I hope now he will have learned his les­son.’
‘So, how many more are there this morn­ing?’

Anoth­er half dozen class mem­bers filed through of whom only one opt­ed for ‘two’ and the oth­ers were allowed to leave unscathed. Then an excep­tion­al­ly pret­ty girl with cropped blond hair entered the study, flashed a smile and greet­ed them enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly with, ‘good morn­ing ladies!’
‘Good morn­ing,’ Miss Sven­son replied, ‘remind me of your name please.’
‘Vicky Roberts, Miss.’

And what do we know about Miss Roberts?’ she asked, turn­ing again to the class teacher.
‘Vicky is a viva­cious girl, per­haps occa­sion­al­ly a lit­tle too much so, but gen­er­al­ly a good pupil. She is above aver­age in most sub­jects and par­tic­u­lar­ly good at Eng­lish. She is also a hock­ey play­er and our best all-round ath­lete on the run­ning track. Recent­ly I have noticed she is also spend­ing a good deal of time work­ing on her gym­nas­tics.’

Well Miss Roberts, that sounds like a pret­ty good report to me,’ said Miss Sven­son. ‘But do you have any­thing to add?’
The girl paused for a moment before reply­ing.

I think I’d bet­ter take two any­way Miss, just to be on the safe side.’ With no fur­ther fuss she moved around to the back of the chair and leaned for­ward to pre­pare her­self for the request­ed pun­ish­ment.
The Head­mistress stood, moved in behind her and, as she approached, she flicked at the hem of the girl’s skirt with the tip of her cane.
‘I sus­pect that this is a few inch­es short­er than school rules allow, so.…..’ the skirt flipped up briefly reveal­ing a glimpse of under­wear.
‘What do we have here?’ asked Miss Sven­son in a sud­den­ly more seri­ous voice. Again using her cane, she fold­ed the girl’s skirt up to the small of her back expos­ing the skimp­i­est pair of red panties.
‘These are cer­tain­ly not reg­u­la­tion school knick­ers. Which means young lady that you will be get­ting extra pun­ish­ment. And you have dou­ble cause to regret not wear­ing appro­pri­ate cloth­ing in that the four strokes you will now be get­ting will be deliv­ered over under­wear only. Had you been cor­rect­ly dressed you would have had just two with extra pro­tec­tion from the more gen­er­ous mate­r­i­al of the school knick­ers and the skirt. Now you will receive four with your skirt up. So let this be a les­son to you.’
Despite her slim waist and prob­a­bly because of her ath­let­ic prowess, Vicky Roberts had stur­dy legs and rather well devel­oped Glu­teus Max­imus mus­cles, thus afford­ing Miss Sven­son an ample dis­play of main­ly unpro­tect­ed flesh, over which she pro­ceed­ed care­ful­ly to space four live­ly strokes of the cane. The tiny briefs she wore offered vir­tu­al­ly no defense against the blows. As they fell, vivid red marks appeared in a neat par­al­lel pat­tern. Miss Pren­der­gast was sur­prised that Vicky dis­played no vis­i­ble reac­tion to the lash­ing, which seemed almost as hard as that Kel­ly had tak­en a lit­tle while ear­li­er.

The pun­ish­ment com­plete, Vicky stood up and gin­ger­ly smoothed the skirt over her bot­tom.
‘I imag­ine you will think twice about school uni­form now my girl,’ Miss Sven­son observed.
‘Maybe Miss, I’ll see how I feel,’ came the response.

Miss Sven­son was momen­tar­i­ly tak­en aback but swift­ly rejoined, ‘I’ll have no cheek from you thank you very much young lady or you will be bend­ing over for four more.’ She flour­ished the cane in the air but a slight smile played about her lips. ‘I think it is high time you were on your way before you get into any more trou­ble.’

Yes Miss and thank you Miss. And have a great hol­i­day ladies.’
Vicky Roberts flounced out of the room with a swing of her hips and appar­ent­ly not a care in the world.
The teach­ers glanced at each oth­er and could not help smil­ing.
‘So Miss Pren­der­gast, who’s next?’

Well Rober­ta Young and Christo­pher Williams are both off sick today so that just leaves James Thomas and I don’t think you will have any trou­ble with him.’
‘Good. Then call him in please and then we can have a cup of cof­fee.’

James Thomas was the small­est boy in the class and glanced ner­vous­ly at the Head­mistress’ desk as he set­tled on the chair.
‘I hear from Miss Pren­der­gast that you are one of her star pupils Thomas,’ began Miss Sven­son. ‘Now let me see. Very good at all aca­d­e­m­ic sub­jects, almost always top in French and sur­prised even your­self by get­ting 100% in the recent Chem­istry test. I under­stand that you are very polite, a promis­ing young crick­eter and the best gym­nast in the school.’

Miss Sven­son stood up absent-mind­ed­ly, col­lect­ed her cane and turned towards the cor­ner cup­board. ‘I can­not there­fore think that I will be need­ing this again today.’
‘Sor­ry Miss but actu­al­ly you will,’ said the boy sheep­ish­ly.
Look­ing sur­prised, the Head­mistress swung round and glanced at Miss Pren­der­gast who also seemed con­fused.
‘So what exact­ly do you mean by that Thomas?’ came the inevitable ques­tion.
‘Six please Miss.’

Both ladies looked bewil­dered.
‘I hope you under­stand what you are ask­ing Thomas but I will explain to be on the safe side. You would have us believe that you have done some­thing very naughty dur­ing the term which has not been found out yet. As a result you have request­ed six with the cane which will, as the rules state, be deliv­ered on your bare bot­tom. Now tell me, have I beat­en you before?’
‘Only the two when I first came to the school Miss.’

Well let me tell you, six of the best is a very seri­ous pun­ish­ment for which you real­ly have no com­pre­hen­sion. Now, are you sure you wish to con­tin­ue?’
‘Yes Miss. That is what I want.’

Very well. Get up and go behind the chair, drop your shorts and pants and bend over. I rec­om­mend you get a good grip on the seat as I don’t want you mov­ing until the pun­ish­ment is fin­ished.’
Miss Pren­der­gast looked very appre­hen­sive as the small boy did as he was told, low­er­ing his shorts and slip­ping his under­pants down. In con­trast to Vicky Roberts, James Thomas offered a very much small­er tar­get for the Head­mistress to aim at. Her face set grim­ly how­ev­er, she set­tled to the task and took a first swing.

The cane slashed across the boys but­tocks caus­ing him to jerk con­vul­sive­ly. He was just able to set­tle again as the sec­ond came down almost on the same spot and this time he could not con­trol him­self, straight­en­ing up and his hands leav­ing the chair and clutch­ing behind him as if to pro­tect him­self.

Thomas! Get back down,’ said Miss Sven­son in her sternest voice.
‘Nor­mal­ly, as you have failed to main­tain the posi­tion, I should start all over again. How­ev­er, as this is your first prop­er can­ing, I will waive that rule and you will receive only anoth­er four strokes. Miss Pren­der­gast, we need some help here. Please come and hold the boy down so I can fin­ish this with­out any more trou­ble.’

The teacher, with a rather hor­ri­fied expres­sion on her face, came and stood in front of the boy. Gen­tly she wiped the trace of a tear off his cheek and took hold of his wrists.
‘Come on now James,’ she said, ‘be brave – we can get through this togeth­er.’

Obe­di­ent­ly the boy bent for­ward again and his class teacher gripped him firm­ly to hold his hands against the sides of the chair seat.
The remain­ing four strokes fell in sequence, a short pause between each as cus­tom­ary. When he was released, the boy took a lit­tle time to stand up straight and felt gin­ger­ly at his bot­tom, winc­ing notice­ably as his fin­gers brushed the area where the cane had grazed the sur­face of his skin, and again where the angry red stripes were already begin­ning to merge into a large dark pur­ple bruise.

Do you have any­thing to say for your­self?’ asked his Head­mistress.
‘Yes Miss. Thank you Miss,’ he replied as he regained his com­po­sure.
‘You now under­stand why I was reluc­tant to allow you to take six of the best?’
‘Yes Miss.’

I hope at least this will mean that this need nev­er be repeat­ed while you are at this school.’
‘Yes Miss. I sup­pose so Miss.’

Now you may go. I can­not imag­ine you will enjoy the first few days of your hol­i­day because you will feel very sore indeed. But at the begin­ning of next term we will start afresh. Now off you go.’
James Thomas eased his under­pants and shorts up over his throb­bing rear end and shuf­fled uncom­fort­ably out of the room.
‘Do you have any idea what that was all about Miss Pren­der­gast?’

No Miss Sven­son, I just can­not under­stand.’

Well I think you need keep an espe­cial­ly close eye on two of your pupils. He is a good gym­nast you say, so is fre­quent­ly in the gym I sup­pose. And did you not just tell me that young Vicky Roberts was sud­den­ly also spend­ing a lot more time there? Just think about it.’
‘Head­mistress, oh no! Sure­ly not that!’