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2012 Story Competition eleventh entry by John!

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

The Last Laugh’  by John James

Out­side the door of the head­mistress’s office Eleanor Dod­son stood ner­vous­ly antic­i­pat­ing the con­se­quences of her actions. Miss Sven­son was known to be a strict dis­ci­pli­nar­i­an and Eleanor knew full well that yes­ter­day she had crossed the line of what could gen­er­al­ly be expect­ed from a mod­ern pub­lic school teacher.
As Eleanor was busy straight­en­ing her skirt, a voice from from the oth­er side of the door called for her to enter.  Miss Swen­son seat­ed on a leather chair behind a sol­id oak desk cut an even stern­er fig­ure than usu­al.
Seat­ed on the oppo­site side of the desk was Eleanor’s neme­sis, twelve year old John Jones.    And he was smirk­ing.
“Do you know why you’re here Miss Dod­son?” Elsa Swen­son asked.
The smirk on Jones’ face widened.
“I think so”, Eleanor said ner­vous­ly.
“Then would you care to remind me of what it is you have done?”
“John had been behav­ing bad­ly all through the morn­ing,” Eleanor protest­ed vain­ly.
“So how did you deal with this provo­ca­tion?”
Out of the cor­ner of her eye Eleanor could see John Jones’ cheeky grin grow­ing even wider.
“I put John over my knee, pulled down his pants and spanked his bare bot­tom until he begged for for­give­ness. I would do the same again.”
Miss Swenson’s expres­sion hard­ened.  “But you are aware are you not that as head­mistress I am the only mem­ber of staff per­mit­ted to admin­is­ter bare bot­tom spank­ings to the chil­dren?”
Eleanor felt on the brink of tears. “I just want­ed to teach him a les­son”, she protest­ed weak­ly.
“Nev­er­the­less, you have bro­ken school rules, and as such must be pun­ished accord­ing­ly.” Elsa rose to her feet.  “Please assume the posi­tion miss Dod­son.”
Head bowed and tears welling, Eleanor stood up slow­ly. .“Does John need to wit­ness this?” she asked meek­ly.
“Jus­tice needs to be seen to be done Miss Dod­son”, Elsa Sven­son replied with­out com­pro­mise. “Now bend over.  It will of course be a bare bot­tom spank­ing. Jones bring me my cane from the cup­board”.
Not wish­ing to lose her job Eleanor obe­di­ent­ly bent over the desk while Jones, the lit­tle brat who had report­ed her, went glee­ful­ly to fetch the cane.
Even though she knew what was com­ing it still came as a shock for Eleanor to feel the hem of her skirt being raised above her waist by the strict head mis­tress, and her crisp white knick­ers pulled down below her knees.  It came as an even greater shock to feel the sting caused by the first stroke of the cane. Sev­er­al more strokes fol­lowed, each hard­er and caus­ing an even sharp­er intake of breath than the last.
It was so humil­i­at­ing for Eleanor to be spanked bare bot­tom in front of one of the pupils she taught but she just had no alter­na­tive but to take each swish­ing stroke as it land­ed.  There were six in all.  Six of the best.
After the can­ing was done Elsa con­tin­ued the pun­ish­ment by putting Eleanor over her knee and using the palm of her hand and then a leather strap to red­den the cheeks of her bot­tom still fur­ther.  Just how red her bot­tom was becom­ing Eleanor was able to see in the strate­gi­cal­ly placed mir­ror, a sight which only served to deep­en her grow­ing sense of humil­i­a­tion.


You may rub your bot­tom now Miss Dod­son”, said Elsa after the spank­ing was over.  “I won’t ask you to stand in the cor­ner with your pants around your ankles, as you are staff, but I will next time.”
Feel­ing total­ly com­pli­ant now, Eleanor mas­saged the cheeks of her sore bot­tom and pulled her knick­ers back up.  John Jones who had been watch­ing this entire exhi­bi­tion with a great deal of amuse­ment was turn­ing to leave, already plan­ning what he would tell the rest of his class mates.
“And where do you think you’re going Jones?” Elsa said sharply.
Eleanor took great delight in see­ing the smirk dis­ap­pear abrupt­ly from the lit­tle brat’s face.
“But Miss..”
“No buts child,” Elsa snapped, “It still falls upon me to pun­ish you for your class­room mis­be­hav­iour. Now bend over.  Miss Dod­son please pass me the cane.  You may not be allowed to do the spank­ing but you can assist me, and I think a red bot­tom for you to show  to  John’s class mates might be just the tick­et. Isn’t that right Miss Dod­son?”
“Yes, Miss Sven­son”, Eleanor replied.
And then down came John Jones’ trousers and under pants, expos­ing to the two ladies the twin globes of his bare white bot­tom.
And Eleanor could not dis­guise her look of tri­umph as the first stroke swished down on his quiv­er­ing but­tocks.  After all, it was she who was going to have the last laugh.

2012 Story Competition tenth entry by James!

Friday, June 29th, 2012

King­sham Road ran along the front perime­ter of the High School for Boys.   To the left hand side of the school a gat­ed road led to the play­ground and a car park used by the teach­ing staff.   The main door of the school was reached through a nar­row­er gate lead­ing onto a grav­el path between the front lawns of the school.   Almost nobody oth­er than the head mis­tress, Miss Elsa Sven­son, came into the school that way.


The two win­dows of Miss Sven­son’s spa­cious study looked out across the front lawns, as did the adja­cent sin­gle win­dow of the small­er office of Miss Pren­der­gast, the school sec­re­tary. The two rooms were con­nect­ed inter­nal­ly by a strange arrange­ment of back-to-back doors that opened out­wards so that Miss Sven­son could bolt her door to be assured of pri­va­cy.


It was ten to four and the school day was end­ing, a boy stood wait­ing out­side the exte­ri­or door to the headmistress’s study. Miss Sven­son was out but Miss Pren­der­gast was in her office study­ing a file stu­dious­ly and inward­ly feel­ing a sense of keen antic­i­pa­tion. As request­ed, she had just read­ied the head mistress’s study for a “dis­ci­pli­nary inter­view” and assumed that the boy stand­ing in the cor­ri­dor was the object of these prepa­ra­tions.


The out­come of these inter­views was not cer­tain because Miss Sven­son had a capri­cious mind and could be unex­pect­ed­ly mer­ci­ful, but more often than not they did end with a can­ing.


Miss Pren­der­gast had put the boy’s per­son­al file on Miss Sven­son’s desk and pulled out the low junior school desk that was nor­mal­ly parked against a wall and placed it under the clock a pace away from the wall.   Many boys had turned to face that clock, then been instruct­ed to bend over the desk and grip its back legs.


Next had come the task she enjoyed the most, unlock­ing the cor­ner cup­board and tak­ing out the cane and pun­ish­ment book.   She had care­ful­ly placed the pun­ish­ment book on Miss Sven­son’s desk open at the most recent page and could­n’t help her­self read­ing the most recent entries: date, name, offence, num­ber of strokes admin­is­tered and the ini­tials of the head­mistress and a wit­ness to the pun­ish­ment.   She had stood the cane in its place out of sight by the book­case.   Last of all she had checked that there was ink in Miss Svenson’s foun­tain pen and placed the along the spine of the open pun­ish­ment book so that it was to hand if need­ed.


Miss Pren­der­gast had then gone back to her office through the back-to-back doors care­ful­ly clos­ing the study door but leav­ing her own door ajar so that she had the best chance of hear­ing what­ev­er hap­pened.


After five min­utes the sound of Miss Svenson’s foot­steps could be heard crunch­ing on the grav­el foot­path, the front door opened and closed.   There was a brief con­ver­sa­tion in the cor­ri­dor and the boy went into the study with Miss Sven­son.   Miss Pren­der­gast sat strain­ing to hear but she could not make out what was being said.   She was tak­en by sur­prise when the back-to-back doors were sud­den­ly opened and Miss Sven­son entered her office.


Miss Pren­der­gast, may I ask a favour of you.   I am afraid that I need to cane a boy and unfor­tu­nate­ly the boy’s form mas­ter is not avail­able to wit­ness the pun­ish­ment.   I won­der if you would be will­ing to stand in?   It’s quite sim­ple you sim­ply observe to ensure that the pun­ish­ment is record­ed accu­rate­ly in the pun­ish­ment book –but do say “no” if it makes you feel uncom­fort­able.   Miss Pren­der­gast said “yes” and wor­ried that she might have said it a lit­tle too enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly.


Miss Pren­der­gast fol­lowed the head­mistress into the study where the boy was wait­ing ner­vous­ly.   Miss Sven­son picked up the cane, faced the boy and flexed it thought­ful­ly, “You know why exact­ly why I am going to cane you.   It would have six strokes but you did at least own up, so your pun­ish­ment is four strokes.   I am sure that you don’t think your­self lucky but you ought to!”.   Miss Pren­der­gast watched Miss Sven­son and the boy with rapt fas­ci­na­tion.   “Face the clock and bend over the desk”.  The boy obeyed.


Miss Pren­der­gast heard the swish of the cane and was sur­prised by how loud was the sound of its impact on the boy’s tight­ly stretched trousers.   In turn, the boy appeared to be sur­prised by how much the impact hurt; his back arched and he hung on to the legs of the desk.   Miss Sven­son pro­ceed­ed with a steady rhythm –she did not make the boy wait undu­ly between strokes but nei­ther was she hur­ried.   Each stroke was giv­en with full mea­sure.   The boy cow­ered before the sec­ond and third strokes but the desk held him in place.   After the third stroke he seemed relieved that the end was in sight and tried to com­pose him­self by stretch­ing brave­ly over the desk.   The fourth stroke clear­ly hurt even more than those that pre­ced­ed it and he yelped loud­ly.


Miss Sven­son put her hand on the small of the boy’s back and said “Stay down”, then she talked to the boy by turns chid­ing him for his bad behav­iour and then telling him that she val­ued his hon­esty in own­ing up and that he had tak­en his pun­ish­ment well.   When she allowed him to stand up his eyes were red but he had regained his com­po­sure.   He was sent to wash his face and then go home.


Now Miss Pren­der­gast, let’s make an entry in the pun­ish­ment book, please would you wit­ness that four strokes were giv­en; I hope that you didn’t find that too dis­turb­ing.   Most boys’ behav­iour is improved by a few sharp taps on the bot­tom with the cane”.   As Miss Pren­der­gast wrote her ini­tials in the book using Miss Svenson’s foun­tain pen, she thought to her­self that she had nev­er had a bet­ter day at work and was flushed with plea­sure as she returned to her office.


There was a spring in her step as she locked her office door and walked to the bus stop to catch the bus home.   Sit­ting upstairs on the bus, the details of the can­ing ran through Miss Prendergast’s mind like scenes from a favourite movie.

Flat wanted London…

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

I am look­ing for a suit­able small flat near pub­lic trans­port in Lon­don for a long term rental. Seri­ous offers only please.


2012 Story Competition ninth entry by Ken!

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Ken had met Minx­ie in a chat room.  She was keen to join Ken and he arranged to take her to see Miss Sven­son and Miss P.  They met at Lon­don Bridge and Ken was delight­ed to spy a school­girl look under Minx­ie’s coat.

There was whis­pered chat about what might hap­pen, some smil­ing and even laugh­ing.

On arrival Miss P told both to remove shoes and accom­pa­ny her to the study.  Ken was a reg­u­lar vis­i­tor but Minx­ie new to it all.  Miss S knew Ken had as usu­al been exhibit­ing him­self on the Inter­net and deserved a harsh reminder.  His behav­ior in the Lap Danc­ing Club earned him severe pun­ish­ment before, but Miss S and Miss P had become aware he had not stayed away since his last vis­it to the Study.

With­out much fuss Miss S told Ken to drop his trousers and get over her knee. A severe spank­ing ensued with his under­pants being peeled down and a flur­ry of slip­per and hair­brush spanks applied.

All the time Minx­ie and Miss P looked on and mur­mured in admi­ra­tion at Miss S’s accu­ra­cy and neat­ness-togeth­er with their amuse­ment at Ken’s embar­rass­ment and red bot­tom cheeks.

After what seemed a long time to Ken, Miss S sent him to the cor­ner.

Then Minx­ie was ush­ered in her short skirt to go over Miss S’s lap.  She obeyed and her skirt went up.  Miss S began a slow method­i­cal hand spank­ing, dur­ing which she removed the sen­si­ble knick­ers Minx­ie had been wear­ing.

Miss P looked on and thought what a love­ly female bot­tom it was under the spanks.  Ken looked from his cor­ner and became huge­ly excit­ed.  His flam­ing cheeks for­got­ten as he saw Minx­ie’s bot­tom so pret­ty, full and red.

Inad­ver­tent­ly his hand wan­dered to release his erec­tion from his under­pants and he was unable to resist a slow stroke or two to con­firm his excite­ment.  Miss P noticed and began to stare, Miss S was spank­ing well but saw Miss P stare at Ken form an angle clear­ly mak­ing Ken’s naked erec­tion vis­i­ble.

The atmos­phere in the room changed.

Get up Minx­ie.  Go to the wall.  Away from naughty Ken who needs some sharp cor­rec­tion this instant.  You Miss P wipe the smirk off your face, avert your eyes and begin to savour — or fear!! what I will do to you next.

Minx­ie was in tears, her bot­tom hav­ing evad­ed spanks for many years.

Ken was dry mouthed and dev­as­tat­ed he had been “caught” not only by Miss P but also more sig­nif­i­cant­ly by Miss S.

Miss P was hor­ri­fied.  Her long black skirt was off and her slen­der fig­ure ready for Miss S to attend to.

A heavy tawse, cane (favoured drag­on type) and severe Jokari Bat would be applied to Ken deter­mined MIss S.

Minx­ie had alleged­ly craved the cane.  A more slen­der school cane would do for her.

Miss P, well, she was still show­ing stripes from a recent can­ing applied for tar­di­ness.  Miss S decid­ed the plas­tic brush with the ven­omous sting would do for her.

Miss S decid­ed she was tir­ing and so for some enter­tain­ment she’d have Minx­ie and Miss P deal with Ken first (Miss S would of course fin­ish to ensure sever­i­ty)

Miss P would help Ken deal with Minx­ie.

Ken and Minx­ie would start on Miss P.


Miss S watched with delight as each “Spanker” applied strokes they knew would be com­ing back to them.  The ses­sion ran on and on.  The spanks were applied in short bursts until Miss S was con­vinced all the recip­i­ents were red enough.


The finale was Ken’s fullest pun­ish­ment when that dread­ed Jokari Bat cov­ered all the ear­li­er deliv­er­ies.  The bat in the hand of Miss S left a last­ing impres­sion.


As Miss P blushed and re dressed, Ken and Minx­ie were allowed moments to dress and gath­er them­selves.  The train jour­ney to Lon­don Bridge was amus­ing as nei­ther Ken nor Minx­ie would sit despite numer­ous emp­ty seats.


They were both embar­rassed that the oth­er had watched — and equal­ly fas­ci­nat­ed by hav­ing watched.

As they part­ed com­pa­ny they decid­ed anoth­er vis­it would need to be some weeks away as they need­ed time.


2012 Story Competition eight entry by Harry!

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012


By order of the chair­man of Gov­er­nors

It has come to my notice that a large amount of cor­po­ral pun­ish­ment is being car­ried out result­ing in wast­ed time. I seek to reduce this. As from today par­ents are expect­ed to ensure that their chil­dren are impec­ca­bly behaved at all times. Should it be nec­es­sary for a child to be spanked or caned the respon­si­ble par­ent involved will be expect­ed to sub­mit to a bare bot­tom can­ing. It is assumed that as  par­ents have cho­sen to send their child to this school that their per­mis­sion is tak­en for grant­ed. Par­ents unhap­py with this are of course free to with­draw their child from the school.

1 Octo­ber 1956


Miss Sven­son was sit­ting in her office towards the end of the first week. She was not sure wether the new edict would work espe­cial­ly in the long term but had been pres­sured to give it a term tri­al and cer­tain­ly after the first week there has been a reduc­tion (actu­al­ly to nil) of demand for cor­po­ral pun­ish­ment although she was sure that would not con­tin­ue for long. Boys and it is usu­al­ly boys can only keep up good behav­iour for a short time regard­less of the intim­i­da­tion that their par­ents may have used.

Sud­den­ly Miss Sven­son became aware of a ker­fuf­fle and Mrs White a white haired teacher in her 50s who had been a loy­al col­league for a num­ber of years knocked on her door and entered with her hand attached to young Jonathan Pren­der­gast’s ear. Jonathan was 11 years old and had been in the school for 5  years since his moth­er had start­ed teach­ing there. He had been in the school long enough to know the rules.

Mrs White had caught him red-hand­ed watch­ing her and oth­er girls get­ting changed and had also been caught using a screw­driv­er to make peep holes larg­er. This is the kind of behav­iour which ado­les­cent boys find extreme­ly fun­ny but every­body else is dis­gust­ed by it in par­tic­u­lar the peo­ple whose pri­va­cy has been vio­lat­ed. This is not the first time that boys have been caught watch­ing staff or girl pupils get­ting changed but Miss Sven­son vowed it would be the last.

Mrs White let go of Jonathan’s ear and Miss Sven­son asked him if what had been said was true – The gig­gles from Jonathan demon­strat­ed that it was and she informed him that he was to receive an exem­plary pun­ish­ment. Jonathan who by then had stopped smirk­ing and realised the trou­ble he was in was asked to wait out­side the time was 2pm and an after noon assem­bly was due in one hour.

Mrs Sven­son quick­ly sum­moned Miss Pren­der­gast to her office. Brush­ing past her son Jonathan, Miss Pren­der­gast was appre­hen­sive about what had hap­penned and why her son Jonathan was wait­ing out­side the office. On enter­ing Mrs Sven­son­s’s office Miss Pren­der­gast was informed about what her son Jonathan had done, and his reac­tion when caught and his sub­se­quent reac­tion which had sat­is­fied Miss Sven­son that he had in fact com­mit­ted these acts.

Miss Pren­der­gast had dou­ble loy­al­ties. As a loy­al col­league of both Miss  Sven­son and Mrs White she would have been equal­ly dis­gust­ed by the actions of her son but she also want­ed to be reas­sured that her son Jonathan had in fact done this.  She opened the door and asked her son and his reac­tion con­vinced his moth­er that this had tak­en place exact­ly as her col­leagues had said.

Miss Sven­son out­lined the pun­ish­ment she had in mind which was a very sound bare bot­tom spank­ing in front of the whole school for about 10 min­utes. She would use her hand and if nec­es­sary a very stur­dy wood­en hair­brush Miss Sven­son had always been reluc­tant to pun­ish in pub­lic as she felt that the mys­tique would go but these was an over rid­ing need here to set an exam­ple to all the boys what would hap­pen if they did some­thing sim­i­lar and there­fore this first part of the pun­ish­ment would take place in assem­bly with­in the next half hour.    After assem­bly all pupils and staff were to be asked to leave the school quick­ly. Teach­ing staff would be on hand to ensure that hap­pened. The sec­ond part of the pun­ish­ment would be 24 strokes of the horse­whip which had been acquired from near­by sta­bles.

At that point Miss Sven­son remind­ed Miss Pren­der­gast who had realised the trou­ble  she her­self was in that she had no option but to car­ry out a can­ing on Miss Pren­der­gast her­self. Miss Sven­son reit­er­at­ed that she did not enjoy can­ing adults but this was regret­tably nec­es­sary and that the new edict from the Gov­er­nors would mean this would hap­pen much more often — she was sad­dened that her first vic­tim was a respect­ed col­league. She said that the can­ing would be car­ried out at 630pm to allow every­one to leave the build­ing and accord Miss Sven­son and Miss Pren­der­gast some pri­va­cy.

Miss Sven­son decid­ed that both the sec­ond part of Jonathan’s pun­ish­ment and also the can­ing of Miss Pren­der­gast would take place in the gym over the vault­ing horse. Bend­ing some­one over the vault­ing horse is ide­al for sub­stan­tial pun­ish­ments as it pre­vents the span­kee from try­ing to put hands in the way and allows total con­trol.

Miss Pren­der­gast went red when told this and the real­i­sa­tion came to her what would hap­pen  lat­er that day. Miss Sven­son as the pro­fes­sion­al she is was kind and gen­tle to her col­league but stressed the the gov­er­nors had sim­ply giv­en her no option. The time was com­ing for assem­bly. Miss Sven­son put on her gown and entered the the school hall where 300 pupils were gath­ered in the front row were Mrs White and 5 girls who had been watched undress­ing and who were all feel­ing some­what ner­vous at what was about to hap­pen.

A hard backed wood­en chair had been placed in the cen­tre of the stage. Miss Sven­son spoke for 2 min­utes and said that she would not allow boys to inter­fere with the pri­va­cy of girls or staff by watch­ing then get changed. The first part of Jonathan’s pun­ish­ment was there­fore being done in front of the whole school and the sec­ond would take place lat­er that after­noon. Miss Sven­son remind­ed every­one that they must leave imme­di­ate­ly after­wards know­ing that they would talk of lit­tle else.

As Miss Sven­son sat on the hard backed chair — she called for Jonathan to be bought out. Jonathan was dressed in grey trousers and was sum­mar­i­ly ordered to remove them and the white under­pants he was wear­ing  and place him­self over Miss Sven­son’s knee. As he did so he looked round and saw 300 peo­ple gath­ered to watch what would be his first pub­lic spank­ing. His brava­do and cock­i­ness had gone – It was 300pm.

The sound of hand, smack­ing against Jonathan’s bare bot­tom boomed for the next five min­utes punc­tu­at­ed by Ooohs- Aahs and moans as well as occa­sion­al gasps from the watch­ing stu­dents. Yes Jonathan deserved every­thing he was get­ting- every­one par­tic­u­lar­ly the boys, made a men­tal note to behave them­selves as intend­ed by Miss Sven­son .

After 5 min­utes Miss Sven­son stopped – her hand was becom­ing a lit­tle ten­der and she felt unable to do Jonathan’s bot­tom jus­tice so asked a col­league to give her the hair­brush which was on an adja­cent table for just such an even­tu­al­i­ty. Jonathan, whose bot­tom had gone from white to pink to pil­lar box red and was about to go crim­son gulped as the first sounds of the hair­brush rever­brat­ed round the school hall. The reac­tion from the girls and Mrs White in the front row was one of both stunned silence and an inner sat­is­fac­tion of jus­tice being done. By the time the sec­ond lot of 5 min­utes had gone Jonathan’s bot­tom had gone crim­son. Miss Sven­son stopped and dis­missed every­one telling them not to linger and to go home imme­di­ate­ly. The chat­ter was one of dis­be­lief and shock- this  would indeed be a deter­rent to most if not all boys in the school.

Miss Sven­son was approached by Miss Pren­der­gast who had obvi­ous­ly realised as the after­noon went on what was wait­ing for her. She sug­gest­ed that she be allowed to inflict part of the remain­ing pun­ish­ment. Miss Sven­son agreed after jok­ing not to go easy on him and sug­gest­ed that she give the first 6. The glance from Miss Pren­der­gast indi­cat­ed that if any­thing the reverse was like­ly.

By 430 with the school cleared Mrs White togeth­er with Miss Sven­son Miss Pren­der­gast and Jonathan made their way to the gym where the vault­ing horse had been promi­nent­ly placed. Mrs White was there to help Jonathan into posi­tion and to ensure he remained in that posi­tion for the dura­tion of the pun­ish­ment.

Jonathan was asked to remove his trousers and under­wear and was then helped over the vault­ing horse. His feet one side his hands the oth­er he could do lit­tle but accept the 24 strokes com­ing his way. His bare bot­tom did  recov­er a lit­tle in the hour since the pre­vi­ous hair brush pound­ing and the crim­son had light­ened a lit­tle to a deep red.- there were also notable white blotch­es which would not remain white for long. The sit-spot just under­neath the but­tocks had hard­ly been touched and would be the con­cen­tra­tion of at least 18 of the strokes to come. Miss Sven­son asked Mrs White to adjust her posi­tion by hold­ing Jonathans hands and tak­ing a step back which had the result of mov­ing the tar­get bot­tom upwards.

With the desired posi­tion hav­ing been achieved Miss Sven­son hand­ed the horse­whip to Miss Pren­der­gast who said to her son that he will remem­ber this thrash­ing for the rest of his life and let rip right in the cen­tre of his but­tocks with a force which con­tra­dict­ed her demure frame. The sec­ond and third strokes were sim­i­lar­ly deliv­ered just above and below the first and the final three of her allot­ted six seered into the white blotch­es turn­ing them a deep red.

Miss Sven­son decid­ed that a minute break was appro­pri­ate for all con­cerned the ini­tial 6 had been giv­en with quite some force and it was impor­tant to ensure Jonathan’s well being.  Miss Sven­son then took up  the horse­whip and flexed it through the air a cou­ple of times to get its mea­sure  – she had used the instru­ment before but not for some time.

Miss Swen­son asked Mrs White to take a step back to ensure that the sit spot was ful­ly acces­si­ble and let rip first on the left side and then on the right. She then stopped to allow the strokes inflict­ed to reg­is­ter and the antic­i­pa­tion of the 12 to come to height­en.

Mrs White checked on Jonathan to ensure he was ok and apart from a few groans he  seemed fine. It was decid­ed that the remain­ing strokes could be giv­en and these were despatched with a short break after the first 6. The scar­ring on the sit spot ensured that it would be a few days before Jonathan could sit com­fort­ably.

Miss Pren­der­gast had already made arrange­ments for a friend to take Jonathan home as she knew that she her­self would hard­ly be able to do this or indeed com­fort him lat­er.

Miss Sven­son con­firmed to Mrs White  that as Jonathan’s moth­er Miss Pren­der­gast was short­ly to be very sound­ly caned by her and invit­ed her to assist but to leave imme­di­ate­ly after the last stroke and Miss Pren­der­gast had been helped from the vault­ing horse. Mrs White who had of course had her per­son­al space vio­lat­ed by Jonathan read­i­ly agreed.

Miss Sven­son took a for­mi­da­ble senior cane and walked to the gym. Miss Pren­der­gast was already there when she and Mrs White arrived. Miss Pren­der­gast was asked to remove all her low­er gar­ments which she did quick­ly- hav­ing often been on the giv­ing end she knew not to antag­o­nise her  pun­ish­er still fur­ther.

Mrs White and Miss Sven­son then helped Miss Pren­der­gast over the vault­ing horse still in posi­tion from the horse­whip­ping of her son Jonathan. Miss Sven­son flexed the senior cane through the air and then sud­den­ly WHHOOOSH – the first stroke land­ed absolute dead cen­tre – these would be giv­en in groups of 6. The rest of this quite exten­sive pun­ish­ment was com­plet­ed – Miss Pren­der­gast had found out what It was like to be on the receiv­ing end and would do bet­ter to ensure that Jonathan’s behav­iour did not get her bot­tom a repeat of this pun­ish­ment..

2012 Story Competition seventh entry by Chris!

Friday, June 1st, 2012

I stood out­side the office door feel­ing like a ner­vous wreck, I had cold sweaty palms and a feel­ing of fear in the pit of my stom­ach.  All I want­ed to do was run away, I was in deep trou­ble and I new it.  Worse still I knew what the con­se­quences were light­ly to be and I had a feel­ing that my bot­tom was not going to get away unscathed.


I did not know how long I had been stand­ing out­side the door, it seemed like an age, and deep down I knew in real­i­ty run­ning was not an option, I had to do it.  I took a num­ber of deep breathes, raised my hand bold­ly and rapped my knuck­les on the door three times, my heart was I my mouth I was so ner­vous.  I hoped beyond hope that maybe I’d been for­got­ten about and Miss S had gone home for the week­end, after all it was well past 4pm on a Fri­day after­noon.


My hopes were soon dashed “enter”


My quiv­er­ing hand slow­ly reached out and I gin­ger­ly turned the brass knob, which, cold to the touch sent a shiv­er through me.  I slow­ly entered the room not want­i­ng to face my fate with Miss S


My heart sank as along with Miss S there was also the per­son who had caught me red hand­ed Miss P


They both stood behind the desk, arms fold­ed, tight lipped and look­ing extreme­ly stern and annoyed, I felt about 2 inch­es tall


Miss S:  “Hur­ry up boy, shut the door behind you and stand here” she point­ed to a spot on the floor just in front of the desk


yes miss”


I looked at the grim site on the desk a long, yel­low, crook han­dled cane and my pack­et of cig­a­rettes


Miss S “So then boy, Miss P tells me she caught you smok­ing this morn­ing, do you deny it?”


Miss, no miss, but look I only had one and I did­n’t enjoy it, I was going to throw the rest away” I lied try­ing to avoid what seemed like the inevitable thrash­ing


Miss P: “Boy, you must think I am stu­pid, well do you boy?”


Miss, no miss it’s true”


Miss P: “You obvi­ous­ly do think I’m stu­pid”


No miss”


Miss P: “Don’t inter­rupt me! This is the sec­ond time you’ve had to vis­it me for the same rea­son you idiot boy, don’t you remem­ber your last six of the best?”


I blushed with embar­rass­ment at me own stu­pid­i­ty, as if I had for­got­ten the six stripes of fire across my clothed but­tocks


Miss, no miss”


Miss P “You appear to be lying to me again, as if you had remem­bered your last pun­ish­ment you would­n’t be stand­ing here in front of me again would you?”


Miss, no miss” I had to con­cede to my own stu­pid­i­ty


Miss P picked up the cane and start­ed to swish it through the air and then bend­ing it into a half moon “Miss, no miss” she repeat­ed thought­ful­ly “Well, if you for­got the last pun­ish­ment so read­i­ly  I’m going make sure this is some­thing you will nev­er for­get. Six for being caught smok­ing, six for your sec­ond offence, six for lying to me and all on the bare.  That’s 18 stokes on your bare but­tocks, do you under­stand boy”


Yes miss, i’m real­ly sor­ry miss”


Miss S: “Its far to late for sor­ry my lad but don’t wor­ry by the end of this you real­ly will be sor­ry trust me, because you see the strokes will also be dou­bled.  Miss P isn’t just here to observe, fetch your­self a cane Miss P, after I have laid on one stroke Miss P will fol­low imme­di­ate­ly with anoth­er, this will how­ev­er only count as one stroke, which you will count aloud and thank us for, under­stood?”


I nod­ded




Yes miss”


Miss S ” Now drop your trousers and pants and bend over the desk like a good boy”


As is did what i was told Miss Ps heels clicked on the floor as she walked over to the cup­board to select her cane, I could­n’t stop my eyes from fol­low­ing her stockinged legs.  My shorts and pants feel to floor and I bent over the desk, assum­ing the required posi­tion I gripped on to the far side of the desk and arched my back.  Miss S lift­ed the tail of my shirt and took up posi­tion on my right hand side whilst Miss P was swish­ing her choice of cane through the air she joined on the left.


I felt cool rat­tan tap­ping on my defence­less bare skin, I grit­ted my teeth and then swish, crack & swish crack.