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Time wasters…

Friday, February 4th, 2011

95% of the peo­ple who con­tact me to book a ses­sion actu­al­ly show up on time and turn out to be very nice. The oth­er 5% are often time­waster­sÖthey often send many e mails with ques­tions and demands and take a lot of my time.†They book ses­sions for then short­ly after to can­cel again this some­times hap­pen 3 or 4 times before I final­ly have to tell them enough is enough and I donít have time for this.†Although I under­stand that some peo­ple get cold feet and find it too scary to come and see me I donít think it is accept­able to waste my time in this way.†If you are not sure you can go through with it please donít book a ses­sion. When this is said I would like to thank the many very nice and clients I have. I so much enjoy spank­ing you and teach­ing you a les­son!


Many thanks

Miss Elsa Sven­son

London Spanking is Online!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

It is great to have a web­site I can con­trol and update so eas­i­ly. Over time it will get more con­tent and more inter­est­ing pho­tos.

Now to some­thing else.…. the main inter­est we all share is spank­ing and thats why I adver­tise on ITC and that is prob­a­bly why you are read­ing this post right now. I love spank­ing and all the dif­fer­ent imple­ments hair­brush­es straps canes etc etc. It is fun to try out on some­body new as I don’t know how they will react to my spank­ing will it be too hard or not hard enough… It is also great to see some­body reg­u­lar­ly and get to know them devel­op a spe­cial con­nec­tion and play a game which is only between the two of us..it is a two way thing and we both have to con­tribute for the game to work per­fect­ly. †Spank­ing is my pas­sion and I have been inter­est­ed in it for as long as I can remem­ber I have received it but now I am par­tic­u­lar­ly hap­py to give it. Its a game between two adults where we both can slip out of our dai­ly role and become some­body else…

From time to time I get con­tact­ed by peo­ple with spe­cial wished which is a lit­tle too far from the spank­ing game. It could be foot or leg wor­ship… bondage..or adult baby role-play †to name a few. These activ­i­ties don’t fit in with my per­son­al­i­ty and I would pre­fer if peo­ple would not approach me with these kind of wish­es as it is some­times cre­ates ten­sion and peo­ple get upset if I don’t react in the way they †expect. Basi­cal­ly I can give a good spank­ing but don’t expect too much more!! †Thats all for today I will update this blog very reg­u­lar­ly.

Miss Elsa Sven­son

February News

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Web­site is almost ready to go live more — Text will be edit­ed tomor­row Thurs­day 3rd of Feb­ru­ary.